NRG Philosophy – Creating or Adding Value

I am a self-taught individual. I have one rule that has served me well: ‘If you need any help or advice, seek it from the very best’. Giovanni Giammarco is just that. My real estate investments have never performed better. He is now and will continue to be the one man I know and trust to finance and manage my real estate investments.
Loy Vaught II – Los Angeles Clippers

National Realty Group’s (NRG) approach to the apartment industry involves creating or adding value to maximize returns for investors through either the development or rehabilitation process.

Tills strategy has several important features:

  1. The value creation usually occurs during a short period of time.
  2. The profit created is not dependent on inflation.
  3. Acquisition opportunities are available at below market rates.
  4. Management-intensive expertise is required, which creates an entry barrier for other competitors.
  5. Rehabilitation offers a seasoned building in an established location.

Opportunities are sought in properties that are under-managed and not performing to their full economic potential. These may include apartment complexes with dated exteriors or lacking in certain modern amenities. Such properties, although structurally, can often be acquired at discounted prices because of these cosmetic deficiencies.Upon acquisition, NRG’s skilled in-house staff undertakes the upgrading process, after which a rent increase program is instituted. This aggressive rehabilitation program has allowed NRG to raise the annual rents on its properties at rate well in excess of the average for Southern California apartments and inflation.

In-house financial specialists analyze cash flow requirements to ensure completion within budget, as well as on time. Always evident is a commitment to maximum value for each dollar spent.

It has been a long time since I have had the opportunity to work with a professional who takes so much care and pride in his business activities. Giovanni Giammarco, president of National Realty Group Inc. is just such an individual. I cannot thank him enough for his advice and patient assistance with my extensive real estate investments. We need more businessmen like Giovanni. The industry would surely benefit.
Richard & Engelina Billauer