About NRG

Founded in 1982 by G. Giovanni Giammarco, NRG Financial is a Mortgage Banking and Brokerage firm specializing in commercial and residential finance. It represents 72 lending institutions nationwide with its own underwriters and funders on staff. NRG Financial consists of three specialized divisions: National Realty Group Inc., NRG Management and NRG Loan Analyst.

National Realty Group Inc. syndicates investors for the acquisition of residential, multi-family, and commercial properties and represents buyers and sellers in the sale of property in Southern California and Nationwide.

NRG Management manages multi-family apartments and commercial property for outside investors. Our staff consists of bookkeepers, property managers, off-site regional managers and maintenance crew.

NRG Financial is a total provider of real estate finance and analysis as featured in the Southern California Channel 9 Mendelson Report.

NRG Loan Analyst analyzes adjustable rate loans for residential, commercial and industrial properties for the accuracy of bank charges.