Management Team

We at NRG believe that the difference between an excellent real estate investment and one that is average is much more than location, acquisition terms, or financing – it is the management team behind the properly. The skill and expertise of management determine the quality of all phases of operations, from the acquisition to the sale. As a result, a quality management team dedicated to excellence represents significant additional value in any real estate transaction. NRG’s hands-on approach to management means everyone, from the president on down, is involved with property operations on a daily basis.
commercial1NRG is in direct contact with the buyers and sellers of property and maintains a strong cooperative relationship with the general brokerage community. An extensive analysis of numerous properties is undertaken before identifying a property to be purchased. We look to acquire prime existing properties or property sites that offer potential for appreciation as well as ongoing income.

Sales efforts of existing properties entail the use of a wide range of marketing media. The objective is to expose the property to as many potential purchasers as possible. Once a buyer is identified, we make every effort to assure the successful conclusion of the transaction. Our experienced team guarantees that all aspects of the sales transaction will be handled in the best interest of our partners and in the most professional manner.

NRG’s acquisition approach to property selection involves:
FIRST, evaluating the economic viability and growth potential of the geographic area and specific property by using several key indicators.
SECOND, evaluating the physical condition of the property and feasibility of improvements and architectural enhancements,
THIRD, analyzing management strategies that can be implemented to substantially improve the property’s performance.

Giovanni has done a wonderful job organizing the purchase & management of a 20-unit apartment building. As a result of Giovanni’s expertise, we not only were able to obtain a relatively new building at a very low price, but one where we have enjoyed a positive cash flow. If and when I look for another investment, I will not hesitate to join one of Giovanni’s partnerships.

Phillip H. Dunn, Attorney at Law

By careful research, NRG has discovered “diamonds in the rough” – properties located in stable markets that, through physical upgrading and strong management, have demonstrated increased growth and appreciation.

Investor Relations is extremely important to NRG. We update our investors regularly as to the progress of their property. We maintain a special attitude toward our investor partners which has earned us their loyalty and respect.

NRG’s financial monitoring and reporting functions are conducted by the accounting department. Our highly qualified staff has extensive accounting, financial management and computer experience in real estate development, syndication and property management.